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At this time there are a large and ever-increasing number of health insurance plans offering benefits to cover acupuncture as part of the plan holder’s coverage.  Whether or not a particular plan offers coverage and just what that coverage might be depends on the plan.  Many people have health care coverage through their employer.  There are a growing number of enlightened employers who desire their employees to have optimal health care coverage and not just remedial or catastrophic health care coverage.

One of the first such groups of employers were those Japanese manufacturers such as Nissan and Toyoya who had personal experience and knowledge of the benefits of Oriental Medicine.  Many older employer or professional membership plans have offered coverage for years as well.  Usually, the plans will cover a set number of treatments; for example, 15 to 20 treatments on a yearly basis.  Occasionally a plan has almost unlimited coverage.  Some examples of plans offering coverage for acupuncture are: Motion Picture Health and Welfare; Screen Actors Guild; Director’s Guild; ILWU; Teamsters; United Airlines; Delta Airlines; CIGNA PPO and California Workmen’s Compensation.

There is usually a yearly deductible which must be met before plan coverage kicks in and there may also be a minimal co-pay amount for which the patient is responsible.  At this time, unfortunately, there are no known plans which offer coverage (similar to prescription coverage) for Herbal treatment.

We also accept Student Insurance and Overseas Travelers Insurance companies.

If there is some question on whether or not your insurance company may not be accepted by our office, please feel free to call or email us. We are always willing to work on a payment schedule for you.


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