Nature's Grace Wellness Center

What to Expect at Your First Visit

Nature’s Grace provides a wide range of integrative and holistic therapies. We take the entire person into account when determining the proper treatment.

Our Free Consultation* includes:


 - Blood Pressure Check 
 - Pulse Reading 
 - Tongue Diagnosis

 - Weight Check 
 - Visual Physical Check 
 - Discussion with Doctor


 - Diagnosis Determined 
 - Suggested Treatment
 - Education 


No charge is applied if the patient elects not to proceed with the suggested treatment. If the patient elects to take the suggested treatment, then the standard visit rate will be applied.

Chinese Medicine Acupuncture
Dietary Supplements
& Teas!

"I consulted Dr. Zhang about my skin condition, which Western dermatologists have told me is call seborrheic dermatitis. Two different dermatologists have told me that an alpha hydroxy cream, if applied daily, would help to minimize the facial flaking..."
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"My experiences with Dr. May Zhang, Dr. Edward Yu and Fanny, have been all positive. I have received excellent care, mostly acupuncture and acupressure massage from Dr. May and Dr. Edward. It was successful in removing..."
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